June 14, 2012 

Last Meeting Before Summer Break 

During the past year our lodge has been very active and as a result we received the rating of Excellent in the Grand Master's Award program. At the Annual Communication we were called up and given the award. At the time the certificate itself was not framed so the Grand Master said he would give it to the lodge at a later date. Thus it was that at our June 14th meeting the MW Bro. Barry Imber presented the framed Certificate of our Grand Master’s Award to W Bro. Michael Blondeau who accepted it on behalf of the lodge.

During our June 14, 2012 meeting our Past Grand Master also made a presentation to the three main lodge officers. When he was in Quebec he was given lapel pins for the WM, SW and JW. He presented these to our principal officers. Here receiving their pins are (L to R) Bro. Andrew MacDonald (JW), Bro. Jim Hannon (SW), MW Bro. Barry Imber and W Bro. Michael Blondeau, (WM). 

As this was the final meeting before the summer break we all were happy to enjoy a BBQ and fellowship after a short business meeting. Click on the pictures below to see more shots of the evening.

May 30, 2012 

Alexandra Welcomes New Brothers 

On the evening of May 30, Alexandra Lodge #87 welcomed four new Master Masons to its membership. Above with our worshipful master are left to right:

Bro. Randy Flemming, Bro. Michael Lumsden, W Bro. Michael Blondeau, Bro. Stephen Evans and Bro. Don Gooding. 

This was a very special night as we also had with us Bro. Tom Porter from Laurie Lodge in Springhill, who went through the Master Mason Degree with our four new brothers.

May 10, 2012 

At our May meeting we were pleased to have with us a contingent of 15 brothers from Corinthian Lodge #63 in Great Village. As their regular lodge night is the same as ours, they opened early and then drove up to be with us at Alexandra. W Bro. Randy Crowe, master of Corinthian, stands to the left of our master, W Bro. Michael Blondeau, on the second step in this picture.

Minas Lodge #67 was also represented this month. The two brothers from the Parrsboro lodge were Bro. Darrell Spence and RW Bro. Hyslop.

We were honoured to have brothers from these lodges with us for the evening.

Below are a few pictures of the brothers enjoying refreshments after the meeting. 

March 22, 2012  

Lodge Welcomes Visitors 

Fellow Craft Degree

 On March 22 the lodge put on the Second Degree for our four new brothers. The officers did a fine job in their memory work and the performance of the floor work. Our WM is much to be congratulated for all the work he put into this degree as he also presented the Middle Chamber Lecture!

March 8, 2012 


At our March 8 meeting W Bro. Paul Landry was presented with his Past Master's Jewel by MW Bro. Barry Imber. 

 Official Lodge Visitation 

The same evening that this jewel was presented we also traveled to Great Village! We opened our lodge at 5:10pm so that we could have a short business meeting and then we formed our car pools and accompanied our GM the MW Bro. Barry Imber on his official visit to Corinthian Lodge in Great Village approximately one hour away.

Nine brothers drove down with the GM and his Grand Director of Ceremonies, RW Bro. Neil Delaney. We were warmly welcomed by the master of the lodge, W Bro. Randy Crowe.

Because of the size of our group we were able to make this an official lodge visit. 

A special presentation was put on as part of their Masonic Education. It was conducted by Bro. Eric Smith of Keith Lodge #17 and Bro. Lorne Urquhart of Corinthian. 

February 9, 2012 

Alexandra Welcomes Four New Entered Apprentices 

This past Feb. 9, 2012 we were very pleased to have four new brothers join our lodge by receiving their Entered Apprentice Degree.

The new officers of our lodge got right into the masonic work early in our new year by holding this degree. All did very well; especially, the new master, W Bro. Michael Blondeau. 

Below L to R:

Randy Flemming, Stephen Evans, WM Bro. Michael Blondeau, Don Gooding and Michael Lumsden.

January 3, 2012 

Joint Installation 

On the night of January 3, 2012 Alexandra Lodge hosted a joint installation with Acacia and King Edward. There were 15 Acacia members present, 4 brothers from King Edward and 12 from Alexandra. We were very happy to be able to get the three lodges back for this joint service.

Nov. 19, 2011 

Annual Cumberland District Meeting

On November 19 the Annual District Meeting was hosted by Alexandra Lodge in the morning and in the afternoon we held the District Association Meeting in our downstairs hall. Both meetings were very productive. The afternoon’s meeting was mainly concerned with the establishing of our new association. 

Sept. 13, 2011 

DDGM's Visit at King Edward 

On Sept. 8, 2011 at our home lodge of Alexandra #87,  the RW DDGM Bro. Jack Boyd started his round of Official Visits as the District Representative of the GM. I, DG Dir of Cer VW Bro. Mike Gaul, was not able to attend and the VW Bro. Dale Ross took my place along with our DGChaplain the VW Bro. Tom Osboure. On Sept. 12, 2011 I joined the group and we went to Acadia Lodge #13 in Pugwash - unfortunately, I have no pictures from that visit. The next night Sept. 13 we traveled to River Hebert and visited King Edward Lodge #86. That evening the brothers were putting on a first degree for  their new brother Jim Sicheri. Above are a few pictures from that meeting. Just click on the pictures to view them.

This lodge gives the Third Section of the Entered Apprentice Degree instead of the Questions and Answers at the end of the degree, as we usually do. It was a very interesting lecture to witness.

Sept. 19, 2011 

The Traveling Gavel 

The past few years one of the goals of the district was to get more interaction amongst its lodges. To accomplish this goal the idea of The Traveling Gavel was taken up. The scheme put forth had the lodge who held the Gavel hold it until they were visited by another lodge with a large enough group to take position. The number of members needed to do the take over was determined by a special formula which was connected to the total number of members belonging to the visiting lodge. Sound complicated? It was and it did not have a very high success rate!

Thus this year a new idea was put forth and is being tried. This suggestion is for the lodge that has the Traveling Gavel to visit another lodge and give it to them. During the visit the lodge which is visiting must also give a short bit of Masonic Education. Then the next month the lodge which received the gavel must take it to another lodge. The way that the next lodge is determined is from a random draw. All the names of the lodges that have not had the Traveling Gavel are put in a hat and the next lodge is left to the luck of the draw.

This is a trial run this year to see how this is going to pan out. Hopefully we will get a lot of good participation going amongst our district lodges.

On September 19, 2011, Alexandra Lodge #87 of Amherst got the ball rolling by visiting Laurie Lodge #70 in Springhill. We were very pleased that seven of Alexandra’s brothers were able to make the trip down to Springhill for the presentation. When we got there we discovered that we had enough brothers to make our visit an Official Lodge visit!

This was a great start which had all the brothers in both lodges expressing their pleasure for the upswelling of brotherhood that it ensued.


June 9, 2011 

Closing Meeting with BBQ 

During our June 9th meeting (casual dress) we had a BBQ to close off our year of masonry at Alexandra Lodge #87. We were please to have two visitors with us for our June meeting, W. Bro. Bill Millett Past Senior Grand Deacon GLNB from Moncton and Bro. Adrain Bligh from River Hebert. 

June 6, 2011 

Visiting Acadia Lodge #13 

On the evening of June 6, Brothers Imber and Boyd were asked to help out with the First Degree at Acadia Lodge #13 by conducting the Questions and Answers for the new brother. Here our brothers skillfully perform the Q’s and A’s. 

June 3 & 4, 2011 

146 Annual Communication - Truro, NS 

Alexandra Lodge #87 is very proud that this year five of the new slate of officers in the GLNS are from our small lodge here in Cumberland!

We were very pleased that a large number of our brothers were able to make it down to the Annual Communication in Truro to be a part of this special event. 

May 29, 2011 

Cumberland District Church Service 

On May 29 the District Church Service was held by the King Edward Lodge in River Hebert. We marched to the United Church for the service and returned to the Masonic Temple for refreshments and an evening of music. 

March 25, 2011 

Visiting Loge La France 

Friday, March 25 we travelled to Bible Hill just outside Truro to attend the Loge La France meeting. The meeting is held in a very new building built by the Truro and area lodges. It is a beautiful structure all on one level with lodge room, hall/gathering area, restrooms and lots of storage space. We were warmly welcomed and although the opening and closing of their meeting are in French we were made to feel very much at home. 

After the meeting they held a Festive Board in their hall catered by some ladies who are hired to prepare the feast after every one of their meetings!

March 21, 2011 

Visiting Minas Lodge #67 

On Monday, March 21 we travelled to Parrsboro and attended a 1st Degree at Minas Lodge #67. They were very pleased to have their guests from Amherst to be with them for this degree which was the first one they had conducted in approximately two years. We are all very pleased to welcome Bro. Robert Henwood to the fraternity. 

The lodge was honored as well by an official visit by the DDGM Rt W Bro. Alan Linkletter and a number of guests from Corinthian Lodge #63 of Great Village lead by their WM Bro. James Lamont. 

April 23, 2011 

Masonic Society's Spring Yard Sale 

On April 23 we held our Spring Yard Sale. Every year there seems to be more stuff to sell! This year we even had it overflowing into the parking lot! The main lodge room was filled with large pieces, the entry way held the exercise equipment and the hall was where all the small items were on display.  All of the Yard Sale hunters who came out, went home with some great deals. We were very happy with the end result of our sales. 

April 16, 2011 

Masonic Society's Roast Beef Supper 

On April 16 our Masonic Society held its Roast Beef Supper. As things turned out it was not well attended because there were so many other things going on that weekend. Despite that, those that were able to come and help and our customers all shared in a delicious meal. 

April 2, 2011 

Pulled Pork Supper 

On April 2 we held our first Pulled Pork Supper to help raise funds to pay for the Bursary that we are giving to a deserving Amherst High School graduate in June. The meal was well attended and enjoyed by all. The brothers met in the morning to peel the vegetables and start the meat cooking. Later in the afternoon the tables were set and the guests served.  Much of our success was due to the help of two of our members’ wives,  Lynn Jones and Bonnie Delaney. Thanks also to Stuart Trenholm, Bro. Scott’s son, who came along as well.

Group Shot -  some of the brothers got in a group shot with our brother from Brazil and his family. 

February 10, 2011 

Third Degree 

On February 10, 2011 at our regular meeting we held a Third Degree for our two new brothers, Bro. Tony Hubert and Bro. Ryan Beattie. The evening went very well with a great number of men out for the degree. We were pleased to have three brothers visiting us for the degree, Bro. Rob Carter and W Bro. George Anderson from Acadia Lodge #13, Pugwash and W Bro. Phil Adams from Wimburn Lodge #75, Oxford. We had hoped to have the Cumberland Drama team with us, but due to vacations and other commitments they were not all able to come. Therefore, we did the drama ourselves with the help of the visiting brothers.  All agreed it was an excellent Master Masons Degree.


Our New Bible 

At the June Centennial Celebration of 2010, Wimburn Lodge of Oxford made us a gift of a new Bible to commemorate our 100th year. We are now very pleased to have it on our altar at each of our meetings.

January 29, 2011 

Cumberland District Workshop 

The last Saturday of January saw the Cumberland District hold its annual workshop and first meeting of the new year at the Masonic Temple in Amherst. The day started off with breakfast, as the Amherst Masonic Society was holding its monthly breakfast in the lodge hall. We then went upstairs for the workshop. After a light lunch, catered by W Bro Charlie McWhirter, the District Association Meeting was then held. 

 January 6, 2011

Alexandra & Acacia Hold Joint Installation 

On January 6, 2011 Acacia Lodge #8 hosted a Joint Installation with Alexandra Lodge #87. We had a very good turn out for the installation and everyone present was very pleased with the professional way that the installation was conducted.  We were pleased to have two representatives from Grand Lodge with us, DGM, Rt W Bro Barry Imber and the DDGM, Rt W Bro Alan Linkletter.

As the installation was held in Open Lodge, we were also pleased to have a number of our ladies with us to observe the proceedings.

Afterward we retired to the hall for refreshments.

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