On September 8, 2015 a number of brothers from Alexandra plus Grand Lodge brethren made the trip to see our brother, Bro. Robert "Bob" Danson at the Melville Heights Residence in Halifax to celebrate with him his 100th birthday. We were pleased to be there with him and his family and friends to see this very active and much loved brother become a centenarian.

Bro. Danson is a very interesting man to talk with as he was one of the brothers who was active as a mason in Amherst in the 1950's and who actually worked on the lodge building we now have. His main contribution was designing and working with the construction of the "East" part of our lodge room.

Above is a shot of Bro. Danson and his masonic family.

VW Bro. Mike Gaul (Alexandra Lodge secretary), Bro. Alfred Fisher (our newest brother mason at Alexandra), MW Bro. Peter Ponsford (our Grand Master of Nova Scotia Masons for 2015/2016), MW Bro. Barry Imber ( PGM 2011/2012) and W Bro. Larry Ross (WM of Alexandra Lodge #87)

MW Bro. Owen Walton (PGM 2010/2011) and Bro. Robert Danson