Alexandra Lodge #87

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Freemasonry in Cumberland County goes as far back as 1822. From that date it steadily grew over the next 100 years with lodges expanding and dividing to form other lodges as their numbers became too large. Thus it was in the case of Acacia Lodge# 8. In May 1909 a notice of motion was given in Acacia Lodge "That it was in the best interests of Masonry that an additional Masonic Lodge be established in Amherst." Alexandra Lodge was granted a dispensation to work in October 1909 and the Charter was granted on June 8th, 1910.

On June 12, 2010 we were very pleased to celebrate our 100th year at the Masonic Temple. Above you can see a few photos taken at this historic celebration. 

Lodge was tiled on the 3rd Degree at 4:05 pm with  W. Bro. Darrell Jones in the East.  Guests included His Worship Mayor Small of Amherst, Rt W Bro Reo Matthews  SGW, Rt W Bro. Roy Lively, W. Bro. Joe Rogers and many brothers from the district as well as our families and many friends from the area. A number of presentations were made with the hi-light being the gift of regalia by W. Bro. Joe Rogers on behalf of Athole Lodge and the presentation of the Altar Cloth by Rt. W. Bro. Roy Lively. After the presentations, W Bro Jones thanked everyone for coming and for the presentations. He then invited them to the banquet in the lodge hall downstairs.

Director of Ceremonies for the event was V.W. Bro. Neil Delaney.

Approximately 50 people took part in our 100th Anniversary on Saturday. We were very pleased to have so many of our ladies, fellow masons and guests come out to help us celebrate the first one hundred years of Freemasonry in  Alexandra Lodge #87. 

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