The History of Alexandra Lodge #87

 1909 - 1939

Early History

Our Charter

First Lodge Rooms

Early Highlights

World War I

Lodge Happenings 1919-1939

Twenty-fifth Anniversary

Our First Grand Master

Open Part 1

 1939 - 1956

Second World War

McLaughlin Block Fire

1944 Annual District Meeting

Membership Through the Years

Back to Our First Location

Lodge Happenings 1947-1954

Traveling Gavel

Lobster Supper

New Bible 1956

Open Part 2

1956 - 2012 

Time Line - 100 Years and Counting

New Masonic Temple

Calendar Change

50th Anniversary

In the Year of Light

Annual Communications

1973 New Collar & Jewels

Joint Installations

Ivan Allen Night

Gifts & Donations

New Elevator

100th Anniversary

Our 2nd Grand Master

Time Line - Masters of Alexandra

Our DDGM's

Open Part 3

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