Alexandra Lodge 2019 Officers

Alexandra Lodge #87 brothers pose for their group photo on January 3, 2012. 

W.M.     Bro. Alfred Fisher
S.W.      Bro. Willard Hudson
J.W.       Bro. Travis Saulnier
Tres.      VW.Bro.Tom Osborne
Sec.       VW.Bro. Michael Gaul
D.C        TBA
Chap.    W Bro. Jim Hannon
S.D.       MW Bro. Barry Imber
J.D.        VW Bro. Darrell Jones
Hist.      MW Bro. Barry Imber
S.S.       VW Bro. Scott Trenholm
J.S.        TBA
IG          W Bro. Jim Hannon
Tyl         W. Bro. Larry Ross
IPM        W.Bro. Larry Ross

2019 Committees

To view the list of this year's committees, please click here.

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