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Welcome to the home of Alexandra Lodge #87. We are a small lodge situated in Amherst, NS, which has just celebrated its 100th Anniversary in June of 2010 !  We are located in the Masonic Temple on Lawrence Street, which we share with the other Masonic bodies in our town. Though small in number, we are very active and are happy that you are paying our lodge's website a visit. 

In the pages of this site you will see some of the activities we have been involved with over the past few months. Our hope is that you will drop by for a visit on your next time in the area, and if you live in the area and would like to know more about us, any of our brothers would be more than happy to spend some time answering your questions.


Regular meetings on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm except July and August.

Alexandra Lodge #87 Calendar  

June 15, 2013  -  Amh. Masonic Society Yard Sale

The Spring Yard Sale was held on Saturday, June 15. This year was not as profitable as last, but we still did well on this popular event. 

June 13, 2013  -  BBQ at June Meeting

Before closing for our summer break we held a BBQ as part of our June meeting. 

May 31 - June 2, 2013  -  Annual Communication

This year our Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia held its Annual Communication to coincide with the  275th Anniversary of Freemasonry in Nova Scotia. The first lodge was established in Annapolis Royal so that is where we went for this very important meeting. Many of the meetings were held in Digby but the parade and Sunday service were held in Annapolis Royal.

Our Alexandra Lodge #87 was very honoured to have  VW Bro. Darrell Jones made Grand Steward during this weekend event! 

More info on the CDMA Website.

May 19, 2013  -  District Church Parade

This year our 2012-2013 DDGM, RW Bro. Rob Campbell had our Annual District Church Parade on May 19th. We met at the Amherst Lodge Temple and paraded to Christ Church, the Anglican Church in Amherst where we were warmly greeted by Rev. Charlotte Ross and Archdeacon Glenn Eason.

To see more please visit the CDMA Website.

May 9, 2013  -  Master Mason Degree 

At our regular meeting on May 9, 2013 we welcomed two new Master Masons, Bro. Greg Curtis and Bro. Travis Saulnier. W Bro. Jim Hannon conducted the first section. The Drama was shared between W Bro. Jim Hannon and RW Bro. Neil Delaney.

The WM thanked everyone for their part in the degree. He thanked the visitors for sharing our evening and  he said he was especially pleased to be doing this on the night of his 60th birthday. It was also a special night for one of the new brothers as Bro. Travis Saulnier was also celebrating his birthday tonight.

RW Bro. Neil Delaney thanked the lodge for allowing him to take part in the degree as he was thus able to raise his own grandson, Bro. Greg Curtis.

L to R:  RW Bro. Neil Delaney, Bro. Greg Curtis, Bro. Travis Saulnier and the WM, W Bro. Jim Hannon. 

February 21, 2013  -  Fellowcraft Degree 

During our February meeting (which was held a week later because our regular meeting was for Feb. 14th - Valentine's Day- and most brethren did not want to be away from home that important evening) we put on a Fellowcraft Degree for two new brothers.

Bro. Travis Saulnier and Bro. Greg Curtis received their Fellowcraft Degree. This was the first time that our new master, W Bro. Jim Hannon, and his new officers were required to put on a degree. They are to be thanked for the work that went into the degree.

One high light of the degree was having the grandfather of Bro. Curtis, RW Bro. Neil Delaney, give the Charge to the new brothers.

Above are the new brothers and some of our main lodge officers.

L to R: Bro. Andrew MacDonald (SW), W Bro. Jim Hannon (WM), Bro. Greg Curtis, RW Bro. Neil Delaney, Bro. Travis Saulnier, W Bro. Michael Blondeau (IPM) and Middle Chamber Lecturer and W Bro. Larry Ross (JW).

January 10, 2013  -  Masonic Education 

At our January meeting MW Bro. Barry Imber provided the brethren with a lesson in Masonic Orders and other affiliated and concordant bodies during our Fellowship and Refreshment time after the regular meeting. The brothers enjoyed the presentation and felt that they had learned a lot about our fraternity. MW Bro. Imber was asked to present again as this information was a real benefit to the brethren in helping them become more knowledgeable about our masonic brotherhood.

January 5, 2013  -  Joint Installation with Acacia Lodge #8  -  On the first Saturday in January we joined with Acacia Lodge #8 to conduct our 2013 Lodge Officer Installations, lodge being called to order at 11:00am. There was a good turn out from both lodges.  31 brethren were in attendance which included two visitors from Widow's Son Lodge. RW Bro. Wilson Smith did a masterful job as Installing Officer with the assistance of many brothers to help install both lodges.

After the installation concluded we all retired to the hall for a pot luck lunch. The delicious main courses where provided by Acacia with Alexandra contributing all the tempting desserts!



November 11, 2012  -  On a bright Sunday morning Remembrance Day was celebrated here in Amherst and some of our brothers were able to get out to march in the annual parade. Here a few brothers are seen on Victoria Street in Amherst.

Nov. 10, 2012  -  On a bright Saturday morning several Alexandra Lodge brothers gathered at the home of RW Bro. Neil Delaney to lend a hand in helping carry and pile in part of our brother's winter wood supply. RW Bro. Delaney has been away recently with his wife who is in the Victoria General Hospital in Halifax and was not able to get this fall job done as he usually does each year. The turn out was greatly appreciated by Bro. Neil and a true expression of brotherhood on the part of these Alexandra brethren. Below are some of the brothers and their sons, who came out to help out.

L to R: Bro. Ryan Beattie, Bro. Don Gooding, VW Bro. Scott Trenholm, W Bro. Larry Ross, VW Bro. Tom Osborne, VW Bro. Mike Gaul and out front Stuart Trenholm (VW Bro. Scott Trenholm's son)

Not in the picture:  Bro. Jim Hannon, Bro. Randy Flemming, W Bro. Darrell Jones and his son Greg Jones.

October 11, 2012  -  At the regular monthly meeting we were pleased to welcome a new brother to our lodge. Bro. Greg Curtis, the grandson of RW Bro. Neil Delaney, received his first degree.

Below L to R: MW Bro. Barry Imber, Bro. Greg Curtis and RW Bro. Neil Delaney 

 During our June 14, 2012 meeting our Past Grand Master made a presentation to the three main lodge officers. When he was in Quebec he was given lapel pins for the WM, SW and JW. He presented these to our principal officers. Here receiving their pins are (L to R) Bro. Andrew MacDonald (JW), Bro. Jim Hannon (SW), MW Bro. Barry Imber and W Bro. Michael Blondeau, (WM).

To see more of the happenings at our June 14th meeting please go to the 2011/2012 Picture page.

On May 10, 2012, Corinthian Lodge #63 paid a return visit to our lodge. That same evening we also were honoured with a visit of two brothers from Minas Lodge #67 in Parrsboro. 

See our 2011/2012 Picture page for more info.

At our regular monthly meeting on March 8, 2012 we opened lodge very early - 5:10pm. We did this so that we could have a short meeting and then accompany our GM on his official visit to Corinthian Lodge #63 in Great Village. Including the GM it made eleven members of Alexandra were on hand to make this an official lodge visit. 

Check out the pictures on the 2011/2012 Pictures page.  

On the night of Feb. 9, 2012 the members of Alexandra Lodge #87 were very pleased to have four new brothers join our lodge by receiving their Entered Apprentice Degree.  This was the largest number of men our lodge has started (at one time) on the path to becoming Master Masons in our recent lodge history. Of late there has been a resurgence of interest in Freemasonry in our district and we are hoping that it will continue. A brotherly welcome goes out to the new Entered Apprentices: Randy Flemming, Stephen Evans, Don Gooding and Michael Lumsden.

Over the past few months we have been pleased to welcome a number of new brothers to our lodge. In the Gallery above you can see a few pictures of some of the new brothers. In March of 2009 the WM Alan MacDonald welcomed Bro. Jim Hannon and Bro. Mike Carroll as new masons. In April of 2009 WM MacDonald presented our new Bro. Michael Blondeau with his Diploma. In May 2010 the R W Bro. Jack Boyd presented Bro. Peter Michels with his Diploma. February of 2011 Bro. Tony Hubert and Bro. Ryan Beattie were welcomed by WM Bro. Paul Landry. 

To make the pictures larger just click on them.

The brothers in our lodge are part of a greater community, that of our Amherst Masonic Society and as such, we get to take part in a lot of interesting and enjoyable activities throughout the year. In the slide show below you can see some of the fund raisers and other events that we have had the pleasure of taking part in the past few months.

The show begins with a picture of the crew that put on our Pulled  Pork Supper in April of 2011 - this was a fund raiser to assist us in the Bursary Program where by we give a $500 Bursary to a graduating student at the Amherst High School. 

Each November we are proud to march along side our brothers in the annual Remembrance Day Parade here in Amherst.

The last Saturday morning in each month our Masonic Society holds a breakfast which is nearly always well attended by the faithful folks in the town and surrounding areas. Funds from this are mainly used to help with the up keep of our building which has needed a lot of repairs over the past few years. Right now we are faced with having to raise the money for a new roof!  

June is the month in which Amherst holds its Relay For Life and we do our part by providing - free of charge - a hot breakfast of pancakes and sausage for the participants. As you can see here the line is always a long one just at the crack of dawn! A number of our Alexandra brothers are Shriners as well and some have added to their talents by becoming Shriner Clowns. Past Master W Bro. Darrell Jones is one of these. Here "Pappy" really makes the kids eyes light up as part of the entertainment at the Relay For Life.

In May our DDGM organizes a District Church Service which many of our brothers attend each year. In 2011 it was sponsored by King Edward Lodge in River Hebert. We all met at the lodge and paraded to the United Church for the service and then returned to the hall for a great lunch and an evening of music!

And these are just a few of the activities our lodge has had the fortune of taking part in over the past few months. We would love to have you join us. Getting out and taking part in the many activities that your brother Masons are involved in really makes you feel that you are a true part of the Masonic family. 

To see the pictures in a larger size just click on the "View All Images"  link under the slide show. There are also more pictures on the last page of this website. Click on "2011 Masonic Pictures" in the navigation bar above.

To view the presentation pictures please single click on the first one. 

Alexandra Lodge has seen a number of its members receives rewards and jewels over the past few months. Many of the presentations were captured on film and I have displayed a few of them above.

Starting with a Grand Lodge presentation we have RW Bro. Fred Newman receiving his Certificate of Office as DDGM for Cumberland 2008-2009 from the then Junior Grand Warden RW Bro. Barry Imber. 

Next in May of 2009, W Bro. Larry Ross receives his Past Master's Jewel from RW Bro. Neil Delaney. Bro. Delaney referred to the fact that it was his pleasure to make the presentation as he was the one who had helped Bro. Ross to join the lodge. Bro. Ross responded with a very interesting story of how he had seen our lodge building for the time when he was only five and how it had stayed in his mind ever since, until he finally became a member with Bro. Delaney’s help.

October of 2009 saw the visit of the R W DDGM Bro. Carl Adams. Here we see him presenting the Master Mason Diploma to Bro. Jim Hannon while the D G Dir of Ceremonies, the VW Bro. Dan MacIntosh looks on.

A 50 Year Jewel was presented to one of our brothers who moved away a number of years ago but who still keeps his membership active. Here in September 2010 our Worshipful Master, Bro. Darrell Jones presents Bro. Roy Hattie with his 50 Year Jewel at his home in Halifax, NS.

A group shot of the brothers who went along for the presentation - MW Bro. Barry Imber, RW Bro. Jack Boyd, Bro. Roy Hattie, W Bro. Darrell Jones, RW Bro. Dale Ross and RW Bro. Neil Delaney.

And a shot with Mrs. Hattie.

Finally the 2010-2011 RW DDGM Bro. Alan Linkletter is seen presenting a pin of appreciation to VW Bro. Mike Gaul.

M W Bro. George A. Grant - GM's Schedule 

R W Bro. Bill Merriam - DDGM's Schedule 

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