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February 12, 2015  -  Entered Apprentice Degree 

During our Feb. 12th meeting we were pleased to conduct a First or Entered Apprentice Degree for Mr. Stuart Trenholm. This was a very special degree as it sees the son of one of our brothers, VW Bro. Scott Trenholm, becoming a member of our Alexandra Lodge. In fact this means this young man is now a third generation mason!

The lodge was also happy to have music for this degree for the first time in living memory. Thanks to work done by RW Bro. Rob Campbell, we now have access to masonic music. Our secretary was able to get the music working through our lodge's speaker system.

Below L to R:

VW Bro. Scott Trenholm (father of the Entered Apprentice), Bro. Stuart Trenholm and W Bro. Larry Ross (WM).

December 1, 2014  - Gavel to Acadia 

On December 1st five brothers from Alexandra Lodge traveled to Pugwash to present the Traveling Gavel to Acadia Lodge #13. There were enough of the Alexandra brothers to make this an official lodge visit. Luckily the weather was beautiful and not too cold for this December visit.  Acadia also had the GM, MW Bro. Paul Frank and his GDofC, RW Bro. Kenneth Simmons, visiting for the evening.

November 13, 2014   -  Gavel Presentation

 At the regular meeting of Alexandra Lodge #87, Widow's Son Lodge #48 presented the Traveling Gavel to Alexandra Lodge. During the presentation a name was drawn to see where the Gavel will go next and Acadia Lodge in Pugwash will be its next stop on its rounds of our nine district lodges. 

Below is VW Bro. Gary Sterling (WM of Widow's Son and this year's DGDofC) handing the gavel over to VW Bro. Michael Gaul, Secretary of Alexandra Lodge #87. 

November 11, 2014 - Remembrance Day Parade 

On Nov. 11 a number of our brothers took part in the Remembrance Day Parade and Church Service. For a change it was a beautiful day and not very cold. Eight of our Alexandra brothers took part in the Amherst service and a few others took part in parades in Moncton and Parrsboro. 

September 11, 2014  -  Diploma Presentation 

At our September meeting our three newest brothers received their Master Mason Diplomas. RW Bro. Jack Boyd made the presentation using his grandfather's diploma as a teaching tool.  Below L to R:         RW Bro. Jack Boyd, Bro. Lloyd Gallant, Bro. Glen Hudson, Bro. Willard Hudson and Bro Don Gooding.

 May 8, 2014  -  Master Mason Degree

At the regular meeting of Alexandra Lodge #87, the District Drama Team was on hand to do the Drama section of the Master Mason degree. Three new Master Masons were raised that evening with their help:  Bro. Lloyd Gallant, Bro. Willard Hudson and Bro. Glen Hudson.

The Drama Team did an excellent production of the MM Drama. Their assistance was greatly appreciated by all of the Alexandra brothers. 

 Front Row L to R: RW Bro. George Anderson - Jubelo, MW Bro. Barry Imber - King Solomon, RW Bro. Archie St Peter - Hiram King of Tyre, RW Bro. Alan Linkletter - Jubela, VW Bro. Terry Porteous - 1st Craftsman.

Second Row: Bro. Ryan Beattie - 3rd Craftsman, Bro. Travis Saulnier - 2nd Craftsman, VW Bro. Larry Murray - SD, VW Bro. Bill Merriam - Secretary.

Third Row: RW Bro. Phil Adams - Marshal and RW Bro. Graeme Bales - Seafaring Man.

L to R: W Bro. Andrew MacDonald, Bro. Willard Hudson, Bro. Glen Hudson and Bro. Lloyd Gallant. 

April 17, 2014  -  Entered Apprentice Degree 

During our Emergent Meeting in April we welcomed into the lodge, Bro. Najeeb Kadir. This was the first time a non-Christian was admitted to a lodge in our district. Alexandra Lodge #87 is proud to welcome this new brother. The Koran was open on our altar beside our Holy Scriptures. 

Below Lt to Rt:    W Bro. Andrew MacDonald, Bro. Najeeb Kadir and Bro. Don Gooding. 

April 10, 2014  -  Fellowcraft Degree 

During our regular meeting we conducted a Fellowcraft Degree for three brothers. Below are:

W Bro. Andrew MacDonald, Bro. Willard Hudson, Bro. Glen Hudson and Bro. Lloyd Gallant.


February 13, 2014  -  New Masons Receive Their Diplomas.

At our February meeting W Bro. Jim Hannon presented, on behalf of the WM, the Master Mason Diplomas  to Bro. Greg Curtis and Bro. Travis Saulnier.

January 11, 2014 - Annual Joint Installation with Acacia Lodge #8

On Saturday, Jan. 11, 2014 Alexandra Lodge #87 hosted the Annual Joint Installation with Acacia Lodge #8. We were very pleased to have with us two very distinguished visitors. Our Cumberland District Deputy Grand Master, RW Bro. George Anderson and the Junior Grand Warden, RW Bro. George O'Leary.

Below the JGM is being escorted into the lodge by the SD and JD. He was introduced by the Acting GD of C, RW Bro. Neil Delaney. DDGM, RW Bro. George Anderson is seen on the extreme left with the SW, Bro. Andrew MacDonald, at his post in the West.

Below our new WM for 2014, W Bro. Andrew MacDonald, is seen as he begins the installation process. RW Bro. O'Leary performs the honour of reading the Ancient Charges and Regulations.

After the installation the members of Alexandra who were present got their group picture taken.

L to R: VW Bro. Michael Gaul, RW Bro. Neil Delaney, W Bro. Paul Landry, Bro. Greg Curtis, Bro. Don Gooding, Bro. Ryan Beattie, W Bro. Andrew MacDonald, W Bro. Larry Ross, Bro. Travis Saulnier, W Bro. Jim Hannon and RW Bro. Jack Boyd.

January 9, 2014  -  Chapter Presentation at Alexandra 

During the regular meeting of the lodge four Chapter members presented a Masonic Education session on the Royal Arch Masonry.

Below are the brothers who did the presentation:

L to R: RW Bro. Don Ripley, Bro. Bob Calder, W Bro. Bruce Cuco and RW Bro. Neil Delaney.

November 24, 2013 - Alexandra Brother's Home and Business 

                                                        Damaged by Fire 

Early on the morning of Saturday, Nov. 24, 2013 Bro. Ryan Beattie was driven out of his home by a raging fire in the building next to his. That neighboring house was completely destroyed and Bro. Beattie's home ended up with severe water and smoke damage. 

Our brother says that he is thankful to be alive and for the help and support he has received from family and friends. At present he is busy with the insurance adjusters and the contractors to get his home and business back in operation.

November 14, 2013  -  Official Visit of DDGM to Alexandra Lodge 

At our regular monthly meeting in November the DDGM, RW Bro. George Anderson, visited our lodge. While there he presented VW Bro. Darrell Jones with a certificate from the Grand Master making him a Grand Steward.


This was also the evening of an Entered Apprentice Degree for three new brothers. Below are pictured left to right after the degree work:

RW Bro. George Anderson, Bro. Lloyd Gallant, Bro. Glen Hudson, Bro. Willard Hudson, our WM, W Bro. Jim Hannon and IPM, W Bro. Michael Blondeau.

Click on the thumbnail images to see a few more photos of the evening.

November 11, 2013  -  Remembrance Day Parade and Service 

This year Alexandra Lodge #87 and Acacia Lodge #8 brothers marched together in the Amherst Remembrance Day Parade. It was a cold and rainy morning for this year's parade but the marchers were out in good numbers as well, there were a great number of Amherst and area residents out to remember our veterans.

M W Bro. George A. Grant - GM's Schedule 

R W Bro. George Anderson - DDGM's Schedule 

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