Alexandra Lodge #87

Entered Apprentice Degree

1.  How many Master Mason members of a Lodge must be
     present to “open” a Lodge of Entered Apprentices?

     a.  3

     b.  5

     c.  7

     d.  9


2.  Where does the Worshipful Master sit in the Lodge?

      a. In the North

      b. In the South

      c. In the East

      d. In the West


3.  Where does the Senior Warden sit in the Lodge?

      a. In the North

      b. In the South

      c. In the East

      d. In the West


4.  Where does the Junior Warden sit in the Lodge?

       a. In the North

       b. In the South

       c. In the East

       d. In the West


5.  What are the “Three Great Lights” of the Lodge?

       a. The light over the Masters Seat, the Gavel, the
           Holy Scriptures

       b. The Holy Scriptures, Square and Compass

       c. The Square, Altar and Holy Scriptures

       d. The Square, Compass and Worshipful Master


6.  What do the “ Three Lesser Lights” represent?

       a. The Square, Compass and the Holy Bible

       b. The Worshipful Master, Senior and Junior Wardens

       c. The Sun, Moon and the Worshipful Master

       d. The three lights by the Altar


7.  What is a Hoodwink?

      a. A device to remove the candidate from the lodge

      b. A blindfold

      c. The hat worn by the Worshipful Master

      d. A shoe worn by the Candidate


8.  What is a Cable-Tow?

       a. A tow rope to pull a car

       b. A cord worn by the Candidate

       c. An infant’s umbilical cord 

       d. The knocks to gain admission to the Lodge


9.  What does the open Bible or other Holy Scriptures signify in the Lodge?

        a. The Lodge is open

        b. The Lodge is closed

        c. The Chaplin is conducting a prayer

        d. The Worshipful Master is present


10.  Who are the Patron Saints of Freemasonry

        a. The Saints John and Mark

        b. The Saints Paul and Simon

        c. The Saints Mark and Simon

        d. The Saints John the Baptist and John the Evangelist


11.  What is the significance of the obligation?

        a. Paying the initiation fee

        b. Wearing of the Apron

        c. Evidence of the Candidates sincerity of purpose

        d. Chaplin’s prayer


12.  Why were you divested of all metallic substances?

        a. To teach you a lesson in Honesty

        b. To teach you a lesson in Truth

        c. To teach you a lesson in Brotherly Love

        d. To teach you a lesson in Charity


13.  Why is the Entered Apprentice placed in the Northeast
      corner of the Lodge?

        a. To signify that he has begun his Masonic life

        b. For the Lodge to observe him

        c. Because it is close to the Worshipful Master

        d. To teach a lesson in Charity


14.  What do three raps of the Worshipful Master’s gavel mean?

        a. Only Officers should rise

        b. Everyone should be seated

        c. Everyone should rise

        d. Only Officers should be seated


15.  What is a “Cowan”?

        a. Someone who masquerades as a Mason

        b. The Gavel of the Worshipful Master

        c. A member of another Lodge

        d. One of the Working Tools


16.  What is an “Eavesdropper”?

        a. Another name for the Tiler’s door

        b. Someone who attempts to steal the secrets of Masonry

        c. An item of clothing

        d. Another term for the Hoodwink


17.  What are the principle working tools of an Entered Apprentice?

        a. The Square and Compass

        b. The Level and the Plumb

        c. The Gavel and the Square

        d. The Gavel and the Twenty-Four Inch Gauge


18.  The Apron of an Entered Apprentice is turned which way?

        a. Down

        b. Up

        c. Not Important


19.  Which number is the most often seen and used within Freemasonry?

        a.  3

        b.  5

        c.  7

        d.  9


20.  What are the three “Supports” of the Lodge?

         a. Wisdom, Ritual and Education

         b. Wisdom, Strength and Harmony

         c. Harmony, Brotherhood and Charity

         d. Wisdom, Strength and Beauty







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