Alexandra Joins WWII

The Second World War started September 1, 1939 and lasted until 1945. Once again many of our brothers from Alexandra Lodge #87 joined in the war effort. Many of the men who joined up at first switched from the North NS Highlanders to the West NS Highlanders as this regiment was one of the first Canadian groups to get sent to the war. So far I have not been able to find any pictures from the West NSH. 

The following members served in the Armed Forces during the 2nd World War:

  1. Gordon V. Allen
  2. Ivan B. Allen
  3. Rolland J. Allen
  4. Bernard Bernat
  5. J. William Douglas
  6. Frank E. Elliott
  7. George R. Lawrence
  8. John A. McNeil
  9. James S. MacLean
  10. Harold E. Melanson
  11. Ralph R. Moffatt
  12. Fred A. Neal
  13. Walter T. Purdy
  14. Bernick M. Sears
  15. Lewis L. Short
  16. Nicholas J. Sorge
  17. Samuel R. Treen
  18. Melville C. Wagner
  19. Athol C.D. Young
  20. Ralph C. Zink


Recently I was able to find that one of these young men died as a casualty of the war.
George R. Lawrence    March 14, 1947

To view the Camp Debert Picture Gallery click on the picture on the left below. 

 The pictures that follow show some of our Alexandra Lodge #87 brothers with their units either here in Nova Scotia or Overseas. Many of our men were with the North Nova Scotia Highlanders.

Brother Ivan B. Allen is seen in this group shot of Company "A". He is in the Fourth Row the 7th from the right. 

Second Row: Third from the left - L/Cpl. R.J. Allan of Alexandra Lodge #87. 

North Nova Scotia Highlanders on their way to France. 

Our North Nova Scotia Highlanders were with the invasion force that landed at Juno Beach on June 6, 1945  D-Day. The video below gives use a look into what that fateful day was like for the hundreds of soldiers  who went ashore many of whom never living to return to their Nova Scotia home.

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