Alexandra Goes To War

 August 4, 1914 to November 11, 1918 

 During the year 1914 the First World War began between France, Belgium, England and the other Allies on our side and Germany and Austria on the other. The following is a list of members of this lodge who served in the armed forces during the First World War: 

  1. Francis Audas
  2. Hubert C. Bird
  3. Earle W. Black
  4. Leland N. Black
  5. Lloyd W. Black
  6. Allison H. Borden
  7. Donald Bradley
  8. Norman C. Christie
  9. Percy E. Cosman
  10. Milton N. Curll
  11. Victor G. Curry
  12. Walter H. Dance
  13. Frank J. Elliott
  14. J. Howard Fage
  15. J. Gordon Fogo
  16. Archibald W. Foster
  17. Melville A. S. Goodwin
  18. Kenneth B. Hawkins
  19. George E. Herman
  20. John G. Johnstone
  21. Grover C. Lewis
  22. Roy G. MacKay
  23. James L. McKee
  24. William A. Morrell
  25. George M. Morrison
  26. H. Ward Murdock
  27. Henry N. Pineo
  28. J. Layton Ralston
  29. Arthur E. Rockwell
  30. James O. Rodger
  31. Albert E. Sopp
  32. Wallace G. Sutherland
  33. Charles W. Thornton
  34. Fred A. Vivian
  35. G. William Walsh
  36. John B. Williston

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On November 9, 1915, the lodge gave a farewell to its members who were leaving to join the 85th Battalion and Brothers Allison H. Borden, Leland H. Black, Milton H. Curll, Norman C. Christie and Roy G. McKay were called before the altar, when Past Grand Master Charles R. Smith with a few well chosen words bade them farewell with all best wishes for their safe return and presented each with a memento from the lodge. 

Members killed in action:

      Norman C. Christie  1915

      Henry Hoyt Pineo  July 21, 1916

      Kenneth Belmont Hawkins  1916  

Norman C. Christie - Killed in Action - France 1915 

Below are some archived pictures of the men from our town and specifically from our lodge who served in the First World War. To help you experience the feel for those far away years, turn on your speakers and listen to a few songs from the war years as you view the memories here presented. Just click the arrow to the left on the bar below.

The 85th Battalion from Nova Scotia. 

The 85th Group Shot in Amherst Just Before Departure. 

Highlander Sentry at his post with horn to warn of gas. 

Below are a few You Tube Videos showing a few scenes from "The Great War" as it was called. Although not specifically containing shots of our Alexandra Lodge brothers they do show our Canadian men who fought for King and Country.

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